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Cybercriminals hacked the EA Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

This time, cybercrime has involved the famous YouTubers, the most successful Video games of Fifa. These players include Nick28T, W2S, Bateson87, MattHDGamer, Nepenthes, and AnesonGib.

These well- known players have been targeted by cybercriminals who very smartly stole millions of in-game currency, the Fifa coins. These hackers also deleted and sold few valuable players in the game’s Ultimate Team mode.

The criminals are thought to pretend to be the YouTube personalities asking for their victim’s origin account from the manufacturers of EA sports. They convinced the manufacturers to transfer the accounts to an email address controlled by them.

The six famous players mentioned are believed to have not less than 5 million youtube subscribers between them. Each player has uploaded a video describing how they got hacked.

In a conversation with BBC, the man behind MattHDGamer, Mathew Craig said, “Including my account, there are more than 10 accounts that have been hacked over the last two weeks. EA apologized to me once I reported them about the hack and has helped me since. They helped me to get my account back with the addition of four or five more security measures. Since then my account has been working fine. ”

According to Mr. Craig, in his case attackers deleted valuable players like Ronaldo who has the worth 3.4 million of the game’s virtual coins. He also mentioned that the criminals could pick victims from the online leader boards. “The attackers might have just gone to the leader boards and picked the ones with the best Ultimate Team Clubs like us.

In order to use some multi-player aspects of EA games, players have to use the online system called Origin.

A representative from EA said, “Kindly go through our help and product site where we have outlined the authentication and verification steps for our Fifa players securing their account. As an effort to educate players about account compromises and security of their account, we have been consistently working with our customer experience teams.”

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