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A Guide for How to Watch Netflix in Spain

Netflix is a hallmark TV shows and movie streaming service that originates from the United States of America. It allows users to stream the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows on their website without a hitch. Users can also watch the latest movies that are available on Netflix. All the content is in great print quality, making Netflix a bug database of great content that you can access if you have an account with the website. However, there is a catch. Netflix is available only in limited countries and Spain, sadly, is not one of them.

Most countries where Netflix is unavailable have some restrictions over the internet usage of their citizens. Spain does not fall in the bracket of countries that face restrictions on internet usage. But Spain Netflix is not something that is available yet.

The other countries where Netflix is available have different versions of Netflix than the best one available, which is in the USA. But this is not much of a concern for people living in Spain or in any of the countries where Netflix is not available. It is possible to unblock Netflix anywhere by simply using one of the two methods discussed below:


Use a VPN

VPNs connect a user to his or her destination through a different server. They connect users to their destinations through an encrypted tunnel which hides their IP addresses and geographical locations from trackers. This can help people to unblock websites and web content that are not available in their country.

Since all blockades need to triangulate a user’s location in order to grant or deny him passage, they need to know the user’s IP address. Using a VPN helps you get around this obstacle as it hides your IP. You can even choose a server from a location where your preferred content is unblocked. This means that people who want to watch Netflix in Spain simply need to connect to a server in the USA or any country where Netflix is available and has their preferred content and the issue is resolved.

One of the best VPNs out there is HideMyAss. It offers great connection speed and has servers in more than 100 countries, including the USA, and offers its customers more than 50,000 IP addresses to choose from. The pricing of their subscription can be as low as $6.55 per month should a user opt for a yearly subscription. HideMyAss also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which corroborates for its efficient and outstanding service and features.

Using SmartDNS to Watch Netflix in Spain

SmartDNS services work similar to VPNs in hiding your geographical location and allowing you to pretend using the internet from a place of your choice. The reason why using SmartDNS can be better is because it offers better speed. You can simply subscribe to s SmarDNS service to start using it.


Spain does not pose restrictions on its citizens over their internet usage, but Netflix is not available in the country, which makes watching Netflix in Spain a thing to worry about. However, you can watch Netflix in Spain using either of the two techniques discussed in this article.

There are many VPNs which can be simply downloaded from their website and run to help you unblock Netflix from Spain. VPNs are better recommended in such cases because they offer a better overall security and privacy to users who opt for them.

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