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How to Unblock Facebook in North Korea

I am sure that any person who is conversant with contemporary issues should not be surprised to note that North Korea is one of the countries which has made restriction to Facebook and other popular websites like YouTube, Google, and so on a state policy. I say so because of their wide-spread use of censorship, intimidation, and vigorous campaigns to restrict access to the internet.


But they are not winning the war on censorship of such websites. In fact, it is now possible to access Facebook in North Korea. In this article, I am going to show you how to effectively access Facebook anywhere like at school, work, or even in very strict and internet-regulated countries like North Korea.

Why is Facebook in North Korea restricted?

Before I would show you how to unblock Facebook in North Korea, it would be ideal to explain why Facebook is blocked in North Korea. Some countries and even institutions like schools and companies actually make it a deliberate policy to deny access to some websites that they deem to either be pervasive, obscene, or detrimental to their objectives.

Authoritarian regimes and countries like Iran, China, North Korea, and so on believe that their citizens’ strict and moral upbringings could be corrupted once they get exposed to the open and unmonitored contents of social media sites like Facebook. Their fears are that by the use of such websites by their citizens, their governments can be at risk of being toppled or destabilized through concerted mass protests and civil unrest.

For employers, their concern would bother on mainly the productivity of their employees who should be working instead of browsing social media sites. And for educational institutions, their worry bothers on students not performing well at their academics because of the excess amount of time that they spend on social media. But the argument against such companies and schools is that the lunchtimes and break periods of their respective staffs and students should not be so strictly regulated because they are entitled to make use of those free times as they deem fit.

In all situations, censorship of Facebook and other sites are policies which would be deliberately and vigorously pursued which would lead to your need to unblock Facebook at school or unblock Facebook in North Korea. And once this is done you can also be able to access Facebook anywhere.

How Does One Unblock Facebook in North Korea

There are several ways through which you can not only unblock Facebook in North Korea but also unblock Facebook at school and in fact access Facebook anywhere. I am going to briefly describe seven of the methods below:

  1. Making Use of Translation Services – this method requires you to put to use the capability of online translation services. What you would simply do is to input the URL of the blocked site and have it retranslated. The translation service would then provide you with the translated content on its web page. Alta Vista Babelfish and Google Translate are some websites that can be used to carry out this method.
  1. Making use of IP Addresses Rather than URLs – the success and effectiveness of this method would depend on if the software that is being utilized to block Facebook is blocking only the URL and not the IP Address as well.
  1. Emails can be used to receive the blocked website – I discovered a unique service which permits you to surf a site like Facebook through your email account. All you would need to do is have an email sent to make a request to be granted access to the website you would want to browse; in this case, Facebook. In no time, the response will arrive. Your email request should be sent to www@web2mail.com with the URL address of Facebook or any other site for that matter in the subject line of the email.
  1. URLs can be shortened – in some situations, you can be successful in unblocking Facebook in North Korea by making use of URLs which have been shortened. There is the probability that the URL which has been shortened would not have been blocked. This means that you can easily be able to visit Facebook from the shortened URL. However, if the shortened URL redirects to Facebook then it might not work properly.
  1. Making use of an alternative service for DNS resolution – in a country like North Korea you might be able to bypass the restriction to Facebook by simply employing the use of Google Public DNS. This can be accomplished by using the following six easy steps:
    1. To change the settings – For Wifi go to Properties in Wireless Network Connection. For Ethernet go to Properties in Local Area Connection.
    2. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4/TCP) under the Networking Select Properties under This Connection Uses the Following Items.
    3. Select the tab for DNS after clicking Advanced and then
    4. Choose Use the following DNS server addresses.
    5. The addresses here should now be replaced with the IP addresses of the servers for Google DNS, which are 8.4.4 and
    6. Your connection should now be restarted and you are done.
  1. Making use of a Smart DNS Proxy Server – Making use of a Smart DNS Proxy server is a guaranteed method that can both unblock Facebook at school and also unblock Facebook in North Korea. The success of this method is based on the assumption that the educational institution or the state government is just getting websites and contents filtered at the DNS level. That would mean that all of your data and activities are not being blocked at the DNS servers and you can get past the school or country’s filtering of the internet by installing on your device a Smart DNS server. If you choose to make use of a Smart DNS Proxy, I would recommend smartdnsproxy.com to you. Their use is compatible to any device.
  1. Making use of a VPN – this method is another guaranteed method that you can use to unblock Facebook in North Korea and unblock Facebook at school. They work in a similar fashion like Smart DNs proxies but they are far more secure and offer superior services. Your activities on a VPN are highly secured because they encrypt your data and activities unlike proxy servers. There are many VPNs out there and so caution must be exercised when you want to make a choice. If you decide to use VPNs to access Facebook in North Korea, I would advise that you make your selection from either of the following top quality VPN service providers. They are quite affordable and very easy to setup, install, and utilize:
    1. HideMyAss VPN
    2. Express VPN

So, if you really need to unblock Facebook in North Korea or if you must unblock Facebook at school, what I would recommend you do is to make use of any of the recommended VPN services because of the level of security that they offer. That way, your activity on Facebook would be secured and protected from detection.

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