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Increase Your Cyber Security: 7 Tools by 7 Professionals

Cyber and computer security is a science within itself. With the rise in modern technological threats, the security of millions of machines rests in the hands of skilled technicians. These experts have come up with ways to stabilize any compromised system with the use of various tools that correspond to their expertise.


Nowadays, every other business is in need of a security expert that offers asset protection and enterprise network security. After reading this article, you will be familiar with the 7 best cyber security tools that professionals recommend in dealing with enterprise networks & security.

The 7 security tools nominated are:

  • Windows GodMode
  • Microsoft EMET
  • Insider Threat Protection
  • Privilege Identity Management
  • Patch Management
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • FireEye

Windows GodMode

Recommended by Ron Woerner, director of CyberSecurity Studies at Bellevue University, who believes that the most important tool to have in your possession is knowledge, while he nominates Windows GodMode as the toolkit that helps in gaining access to information reliably and swiftly. Windows GodMode is simply a way to access all user information and OS controls through one folder.

Microsoft EMET

Recommended by Yier Jin, assistant professor at University of Central Florida, it is a utility that aids software in preventing exploitation of their vulnerabilities. By making it difficult for users to deploy the exploitation methods, this tool reduces the number of software weaknesses by placing extra protective measures that the exploiter has to go through in order to be successful. Yier Jin also claims that knowledge combined with the awareness for your profession is the best tool to use.

Insider Threat Protection

Recommended by Mike Papy, VP and CISO at Northrop Grumman, who explains that one of the must-have features at any enterprise is protection from the inside, as is the case in numerous malware deployment and data loss. The idea is to efficiently monitor and alert anomalies in both client and network behaviors which may help a enterprise or business by facing the issue early-on.

Privilege Identity Management

Recommended by Andras Cser, VP and principal security analyst at Forrester, this tool prevents breaching of sensitive information by always changing passwords for critical projects and workloads thus rendering administrator and root access hacking tools worthless. The tool further observes administrative access while monitoring it up close.

Patch Management

Recommended by Gary Hayslip, deputy director and CISO for the City of San Diego, it is a tool that involves acquisition, testing, and installation of patches or code changes to administered computer systems. This way, the tool provides upgrades in security vulnerabilities and other bugs, as well as improves overall stability and performance of the machine.

Mr. Hayslip strongly recommends data backup and disc encryptions as the trio in basic cyber security management; although it is never guaranteed that the problem will always be solved by the same tech tools.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Recommended by Neil MacDonald, VP and analyst at Gartner, it is the ultimate tool in monitoring, analyzing, and prevention of unauthorized code, thus keeping most vicious malware off the system.  The first step in deploying this tool is removing administrative rights from Windows users and only then investing in EDR, and as explained by MacDonald, this also decreases the time for an attack to go unnoticed, as well as prevents execution of unauthorized code through continuous monitoring.

FireEye Malware Detection

Recommended by Randy Marchany, IT security lab director and officer at Virginia Tech, it is a malware detection tool that monitors network security or extrusion detection closely. The idea is that while many enterprises focus on inbound traffic, focusing on the outbound traffic neglects the flaw with static perimeter defense. This tool is created by the well-known FireEye security company based in the United States.

The Verdict

Although we have gone through some of the best cyber security tools around, it is never guaranteed that one tool will always fend off attackers and malicious content. As a beginner in cyber security I would highly recommend going through technical courses that provide basic knowledge in cyber security. Why? Because learning about specific tools is one thing, but knowing when to use the right tool can help you defend your enterprise network even against the top ten hackers out there.

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