How to Watch Netflix and Hulu from Another Country

Among the various streaming platforms, Netflix and Hulu are arguably the most popular. Unfortunately, these platforms are not available in every country. Even when they are, the content can vary by region. This means you may not be able to watch your favorite movies or shows unless the streaming service decides to make them available in your country.


However, you do not need to miss out on the great shows on Hulu and Netflix just because they are not available in your country. Keep reading to find out how you can easily watch Netflix or Hulu from another country, getting access to all the programs you want to see whenever you want.

Use a Virtual Private Network

The simplest method of watching Hulu, Netflix, or another similar streaming service from outside of its region is via a virtual private network, known as a VPN. A VPN will send your internet traffic to an intermediary server in another country. This essentially lets you hide your IP address, making it appear as one from your target country. In other words, if you want to watch Netflix or Hulu in Asia, you could use a VPN to make the servers think you are in the United States.

As a bonus, VPNs also encrypt your traffic. This prevents anyone from monitoring your activity, so you have a sense of privacy.

How to Use a VPN to Stream

To make use of this method, create an account on the streaming service of your choice, whether it is Netflix, Hulu, or something else. Then, choose which VPN you want to use. Download the VPN and enable it, connecting to a server in the United States (or your chosen country). From there, visit the streaming service’s site, log in, and start watching.

Just make sure to select your VPN carefully. Netflix and Hulu have wizened up to this method and blacklisted some VPNs. Additionally, some may be too slow to use for streaming.

You will also have to consider whether you want a free VPN or how much you are willing to spend on one. Read some reviews about a particular VPN to confirm it will work well for your chosen streaming service before downloading it.

VPNs Can Also Let You Access Content from Other Countries

Using a VPN to watch Netflix or Hulu can do more than just give you access to the platforms if they are not available in your region. You can also use it to watch programs only available in a specific country.

For example, say there is a Mexican program you really want to watch to practice your Spanish or because it interests you, but it is not available on Netflix in your country. You could use a VPN that gives you a Mexican IP address to log into the Mexican Netflix and view the program. This same tactic applies to any other country that offers Netflix.

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