Cyber Security

Protect Yourself and Stay Safe Online

The Internet has removed boundaries all over the world. People can spend an entire day without interacting with another human face to face, but we cannot spend a few hours without the internet. It is the world in itself, with everything in its store that one can possibly want. The internet has brought the entire world to us all. However, it also brings to you hackers and data snoopers that are constantly on the lookout for inconveniencing you.


How to stay safe online?

The primary method that hackers use to infect somebody’s system with viruses and malware is via emails. Emails still continue to be widely used for communication purposes, and they prove to be an ideal breeding ground for troublemakers. Emails provide a simple backdoor for hackers into anyone’s system.

There are many small practices which you can implement to stay safe on the internet. These methods are quite simple and can help you put up an effective as well as simple to put a wall between your system and online threats.

Choose passwords wisely

Passwords are meant to keep your account safe from hackers, so it’s only fitting to choose a password that is not easy to guess. It is wise to keep it as a combination of letters and digits, and also to associate it with something personal to you, which would make it easier to remember.

Protect your email accounts

Protecting your email accounts from getting hacked is the first line of defence that you can put your system and hackers. Emails from unknown senders with attachments and catchy phrases to provoke you to open them are often the method employed by hackers to gain access to your system. A malware or worm is installed to your system in this way. You should pay caution when receiving an email with an attachment even from a known source.

Beware of dubious websites

A simple way to surf safely is to be aware of dubious websites. It isn’t exactly rocket science to know when a website is untrustworthy as it will try to entice you with links saying they hold a prize for you on the next page. Using the internet for a while instills the habit to stay away from such traps in people, but it is always better to be careful before clicking on any such links.

Shop securely

Online shopping has been on the up for a few years now. But it is a simple way for unwanted personnel to gain access to your bank details and thereafter use them on their whims. One has to be cautious while purchasing anything online. The measure you need to take stay anonymous online and keep your details safe with yourself is to make sure that the URL of the website you are making a payment on has “HTTPS” at the beginning instead of just HTTP. The ‘s’ means that the website uses a secure protocol to encrypt all incoming and outgoing data, which is vital for the confidentiality of your credentials.

Firewall and other preventive measures

A firewall is a good way to stay safe on the internet as it keeps track of your activity on the internet and only allows access to trusted and safe websites to your system. You can install such software on your desktops as well as mobile phones to stay safe online.

Final note

These measures are quite simple to follow and are effective to a great extent. Being aware of the threats your system faces and taking preventive measures to avoid your system incurring any damage is quintessential to your confidentiality.

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