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Watch Amazon Instant Video Outside US

These days, a lot of people want to know how to watch amazon instant video even when they are not located in the United States. It is only natural because nobody wants to miss out on those wonderful movies and shows that are available on it. And they are always constantly being updated. Presently, there are as many as 140,000 available titles that could be streamed online at www.amazon.com instant video.

The method of enjoying these offerings is by buying access to any title individually or for a fee every month a huge array of titles would be available to you as an Amazon Prime member. Because of its cost effectiveness, most people prefer to subscribe to a membership of Amazon Prime.

For those who do not realize this, amazon prime amazon instant video was once known as LOVEFiLM Instant and Amazon Video on Demand. It is similar to Netflix and Hulu which are all similar services for video on demand. The challenge however is that for anyone who is not living in the USA, they cannot access the Amazon Instant Video that is available to US residents. There are other versions of this laudable service, like for those in Germany or the UK, but they are not similar to the one being offered to US residents.

There are legitimate reasons why a person would want to watch Amazon instant video outside US. You might decide to go abroad for your next vacation. Or maybe you are an expatriate located in or travelling Japan, Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Hong Kong. These are situation which would make you want to still have access to watching Amazon instant video outside US.

How to watch Amazon Instant video outside US

In order to continue enjoying your favorite shows and films on Amazon instant video from anywhere outside of the US, you would need to adopt a couple of steps. The summary of these steps revolve around you getting the payment method which Amazon expects from its subscribers which is a US credit card setup.

As a service providing business, Amazon expects its subscribers to be in possession of a US credit card as the card that would be billed through their 1-click method of payment. The challenge now becomes how to get access to such a facility when you are located abroad. This should be of no worries to you if you apply the following steps below:

  1. Ensure that playmoTV is connected to your viewing device and/or computer.
  2. You would have to buy a pre-paid virtual Mastercard from buyfrompowerseller.com. The value of the card you would select depends on whether you have never bought a subscription to Amazon Prime before, or if you are already a user of Amazon Instant video and therefore already an Amazon Prime.
  3. Once your purchase is completed, your credit card details would be sent to you by e-mail. These details would comprise the security number (CVV or CVC number), the expiry date, and the credit card number. These details are usually sent in less than 24 hours.
  4. Next is to get the card registered and assigned to a US address that is valid. Any home address in the US which is valid would be just fine. However, if you require some ideas you can visit FakeNameGenerator. Once on this website, insert as country United States and an address would be generated for you to use. Endeavour to make a note of this address because it is going to become relevant much later in this guide.
  5. Using your three digit security code and credit card number login into the website that you were given in step 3 above.
  6. You would register the US address from step 4 once you have logged in.
  7. Once this is completed, you now would have had a US issued credit card. All that is required is linking your Amazon account to the card.
  8. Go to Amazon.com and enter into your account. Once inside, click on “1-click settings” under Your Account. Click on “Add a new Address” after you have scrolled down. Here, you would write the chosen address from step 4. Now click on “Save and Add a Payment Method”. In the next step fill in your credit card details and as billing address you select your recently added address.
  9. You are all set to watch Amazon instant video outside US.


A lot of people enjoy streaming shows and programs as subscribers of Amazon Instant Video. However, this service is strictly tailored for US residents. The challenge of watching their programs arises whenever they are not in the US. This does not have to cause them to worry again, because from the steps listed above, this problem is now resolved and they can now watch Amazon instant video outside US or anywhere worldwide.

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