7 Most Extreme Hacks Invented by Mankind

In a world where every device can be altered and any virtual space breached, it is hard to figure out what thousands of scripts, methods of penetration, or extreme hacks exist out there. Likewise, the increasing number of perpetrators doesn’t make it any easier to rank the top 10 hackers. But like in everything, there are always those that stand out. These 7 extreme hacks will leave you terrified and make you rethink the new world order set by the advancement of technology. If you aren’t paranoid already, this is probably a good time to start.


  1. Jackpotting
  2. Shocking Pacemakers
  3. Card skimming
  4. Wireless card hacking
  5. BadUSB
  6. Quantum Insert
  7. Stuxnet

1- Jackpotting

Normally known as ATM hacking, it received its name after the infamous Barnaby Jack who was able to hack ATM machines and deploy a code that would literally spit out money from the ATM. As most machines that run on Operating Systems, so do ATMs; and while most often ATMs run on Microsoft Windows, the OS tends to be very outdated as years go by since regular updates aren’t performed.

What is more interesting is that ATM programs also use Java, a.k.a the most bugged and hackable software that exists therefore making an ATM an easy target for experienced hackers. The famous method used by Barnaby Jack was through using a malware-filled USB stick that he would plug into the ATM, as it is possible to do so in some ATMs despite security advice given by the ATM producers.

2- Shocking Pacemakers

We have all seen movies where the killer slays the victim by hacking into their pacemaker code and sending an electric shock directly to the heart. Unfortunately, this movie-like feature has been most likely taken from real life. Similarly, Barnaby Jack turned his attention to hacking medical supplies after ATM makers learnt the defense mechanisms of his Jackpotting attack.

Medical devices undergo a process of testing before they are used on human subjects, meaning that after they begin to manufacture, their code will be 10 years old and as such more vulnerable to attacks. Similarly, Jack was able to also send direct insulin shots to patients through a remote control.

3- Cark Skimming

Card skimming is another method of using ATMs by placing a small card that registers the users information as soon as they put their credit card into the ATM to withdraw cash. Skimming has been around for a while and with time skimmers have matured in using tech. that is almost not recognizable due to the small size and less visible placement.

Usually skimmers install their cards on more remote ATMs so they’re easier to access after the victim. A newer skimming method has evolved such that skimmers can obtain the information through a Bluetooth connection and only have to be in close proximity to the target.

4- Wireless Card hacking

More recent cards also known as Credit Card contain an RFID code that is a simple electronic code that authorized and identifies a certain user. Hackers are able to scan the code by coming close to it with a scanning device which allows for Credit Card hacking as well as RFID-enabled passports. Fortunately there are simple items that defend against such a tool such as kinds of wallets and shields. The increasing use of chip-enabled cards however is expected to decrease such dangers due to the evolvement of the protective technology.

5- BadUSB

A famous hack known as BadUSB happens by installing malicious code on a USB stick and automatically deploying it after the USB has been entered into the port.  This code is able to bypass any command and security protocol, firewall or any antimalware software installed. What is interesting is that the code is almost undetectable so you won’t know until the damage is done.

6- Quantum Insert

A very recent discovery through the Snowden files suggests that NSA has been using this attack to infiltrate any type of organization by simply shooting a copy of a GET code during the browser’s request to access a page, and in turn having the browser automatically bring up a fake page that downloads malware. This is a very efficient method of infiltration and for more information without the need of hacking tools. Read more on it in my previous article

7- Stuxnet

Or as I like to call it SKYNET, it is supposedly a form of a BadUSB hack that aimed to infiltrate Iran’s nuclear defense system, rending the centrifuges of the nuclear facility completely useless and ultimately damaging the system.

This is supposed to have been a discovery of the United States in cooperation with Israel however there is no real information, only speculation. Like the BadUSB, it is a form of anonymous hacking because it is hardly detectable and its victims may never know if they have it, or when they can pass it along to another device.


I promised terrifying and I hope I have delivered. These hacks render any cyber security tools useless and while some of them do not even use hacking tools they are still performed as anonymous hacks without any way of identifying the source. The world is changing around us and in order to be prepared for the future we have to keep learning and learning even about matters that seem small in the present.

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