Find Out The Best VPNs for Windows 10

The long wait for the arrival of new windows is over and right now, all we can say is; WELCOME. Windows 10 is finally out, but the truth is, it didn’t come alone, it came along with lots of additions, upgrades and improvements from the earlier versions.

Although Windows 10 promises to be a major upgrade from the earlier versions like Windows 8 and Windows 9, the issue of hackers, spammers and government spy agencies lurking all over unsuspecting victims remains a major issue on the internet. As if not enough, these days’ even online marketers tend to track the activities of people and all these could end up compromising the online safety of internet users. It is the year 2015 and although mankind keeps yearning for freedom of association, freedom of speech and even freedom of marriage, one scenario remains constant – over the internet, there are certain users that are geographically restricted from viewing certain contents.  This is an issue that has stirred a lot of controversies and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

One of the ways to overcome all the aforementioned issues that have resulted in heartbreaks, loss of information, loss of freedom and even bankruptcy to internet users is the use of a VPN. There are lots of free VPNs out there, but it is advisable to levitate towards the paid ones.

With a VPN, I mean a good VPN, marketers, spammers, government spies and even geographical restrictions, become a passive issue. It becomes a no issue, because the user and his ISP will be as safely guarded as the Queen of England and the user can also unblock websites via VPN.

Talking about the Queen of England, there are lots of Queens all over Europe, but none is as powerful as the Queen of England. With that in mind and without much ado, I’ll try to list some of the best VPN services on the Windows 10 platform that would genuinely guarantee the optimum safety of internet users all over the world. With these services you are truly free like a bird in the sky – be it an eagle, a dove or a vulture etc.

Under-listed are some of the best VPNs for Windows 10;

HideMyAss VPN

HMA is the premium VPN on the windows 10 platform and with it’s very impressive number of USA servers, this service is a must have for everyone on the internet that seeks optimum privacy and encryption. HMA keeps no log, it is super fast and the software is very easy to use. To say it plainly, this service guarantees effectiveness and simplicity at a go. Subscribe to HMA today and enjoy total anonymity on the Windows 10 platform.


ExpressVPN is a class act. It is superior, popular and genuinely effective. No wonder why it has a 30-day money back guarantee. With Express VPN, you’ve purchased your way into different servers from well over 78 countries from around the world and the software does not keep logs. This is a VPN provider that makes the list of everyone’s best VPN service and its awesome customer care adds a lot of steam to its auto-progressive reputation. It is one of the best VPNs for Windows 10.


Considering the fact that IPvanish offers a software that runs perfectly on the Windows 10 platform and guarantees total safety for its users, this VPN is hugely impressive and one of the very best around. It comprises server from over 60 countries from around the world and allows users to use its software on two different devices simultaneously. When you browse the internet with IPvanish, you do so with total privacy, high-level encryption and with the fastest speed anywhere on the internet. Download this software for your Windows 10 today.


This VPN originates from one of the Asian Tigers and it shows all the hallmarks of a tiger on the Windows 10 platform. BolehVPN is Malaysian based and over the years it has been an excellent choice for Asian internet users. It is capable of cloaking the ISP of users in VPN restricted countries and make it look like they are browsing without a VPN. BolehVPN is fast and highly secure. Download today!


VyprVPN’s place on Windows 10 is undisputed and its software which guarantees easy and direct connection on the platform is a testament to its compatibility and effectiveness. Their software is very easy to use (for veterans and new comers) and in countries where VPN use is restricted; the software has a service that is referred to a ‘Chameleon.’ This service disguises the VPN and makes it look normal.


The world is moving forward and it waits for no one. The aforementioned VPNs are the very best for the newly released Windows 10 and with this; you need not look any further. If you are one of such persons that desire and actively seek online privacy, then these are the ones that would guarantee that you stay safe on the internet.

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