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The Latest Craze: How to Watch Netflix on Amazon Fire TV

Early in 2014, Amazon released yet another innovative avenue for entertainment when they released their Fire TV. Fire TV is a set-top box whereby, through your internet connection, you can enjoy several streaming movie and television show apps, as well and music and games. Fire TV’s claim to fame is its ability to search for shows and apps with just your voice. Simply say the title and voila! Instant access to what you want.


The device attached to your television through an internet connection either wirelessly or directly to your router and hosts a multitude of streaming apps like Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Netflix. If you have an account with any of the streaming apps, then watching your favorite television shows and movies is simply a matter of logging in.

However, many people enjoy such streaming site like US Netflix outside US and enjoying Netflix on Fire TV is virtually impossible. This guide will show you the best way to watch Netflix on Amazon Fire TV.

Netflix US Abroad

Netflix is the largest streaming site in the world to date. Based in the United States, Netflix US carries thousands of movies and television shows at your fingertips. Many Smart TVs and home theater systems have Netflix in their app list, so watching Netflix on TV is a click away. The latest craze to hit the home entertainment world is media players like Amazon’s Fire TV.

These set-top devices also come preloaded with the Netflix app. But unless you live in the US or any of the countries where Netflix is accessible, you will have a difficult time watching your favorite movies and US shows. You will need the help of a VPN service or Smart DNS in order to access Netflix on Amazon Fire TV. Once you have established a VPN or DNS service, follow the steps below for how to get Netflix on Amazon Fire TV device.

The Set-up

For Wireless connections:

  • Once you have established the VPN or DNS choose a US IP address.
  • Turn on your Fire TV device and open up the settings.
  • Select ‘System’ and then select your wireless network.
  • On the remote, press the three striped button. This will ‘forget’ the existing network.
  • Press the same button again and you will be prompted to enter the network password again.
  • Fill in your network’s password and select ‘Advanced’
  • The Fire TV device itself will need a static IP address. You can use your router’s IP address. Just change the last number (which is a single number) to a two digit number like 45.
  • Enter your router’s IP for the default gateway.
  • For the prefix length enter 24.
  • Now enter the two DNS addresses of your VPN or DNS service.

For Wired Connections:

  • Go to settings (same way as in the wireless instructions)
  • Select “System”, then ‘Network’, then ‘Configure Network’
  • Just like in the wireless instructions, you will need to enter an IP address.
  • Make the prefix length 2
  • Enter your router’s IP address in the ‘Gateway Address’ field.
  • Now, enter the DNS addresses from your VPN or DNS provider in the DNS1 and DNS2 fields. These addresses can be found on the websites of the provider you set up an account with.

That’s it! Just remember that if your provider changes the IP address registered to you, you will have to change that as well. Make sure you choose a US IP address when setting up your account. When you live abroad, watching Netflix on Amazon Fire TV is a cinch with these easy steps.

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