Making use of the best VPN for Bittorrenting

We are living in the world where in spite of the technological advancements people have to pay ridiculously high amounts of money just to access digital content. This irony is best appreciated by those of you who are familiar with the restrictions imposed by entertainment providers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and so on in certain regions of the world.

I mean, why should I not be able to access, for instance, US Netflix from the Middle East even when I have a valid account and an active subscription back in the USA? We are now meant to understand that the reason for this exclusivity is the restrictive licensing agreements which the content providers enter into with the content producers. But this does not help matters in any way because people are always looking to access these contents online.

The term bittorrenting is not a new one. It was borne out of the need and desire for people to access streaming services like Netflix. As you can expect, there are many ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of such methods to access digital content online. But beyond that is the best ways to do so without being discovered. One of such methods would be to make use of a virtual private network or VPN while bittorrenting. But before we would look at the best VPN for bittorrenting it would be necessary to really understand what bittorrenting is all about and also how to use a VPN to do so.

Bittorrenting and the use of a VPN

Bittorrenting involves the use of a file transfer service to access digital content and other materials which might be copyrighted. It is a very popular practice and two of the most popular providers of the service are uTorrent and BitTorrent. These two companies receive well over 150 million requests for searches every single month, a testimony of how popular and widespread the activity is.

Bittorrenting patrons and advocates view it as a means to access restricted content from Netflix and other online media companies. For them, they feel that it is simply a way of getting back at the big corporate establishments which restrict these contents from them in the first place. These corporations make huge profits every year and still strive to erode the internet freedom and privacy rights of ordinary users of the internet.

In spite of continued efforts to confiscate and shut down their operations, the technology behind the practice of bittorrenting is not the same thing as copyright piracy. The P2P (person-to-person) BitTorrent protocol is a very efficient and decentralized protocol for file transfer and file sharing whose use are legitimate and ethical. The protocol for a BitTorrent provides a means that is decentralized and through which a lot of people can get to share a file, whether it is music, a movie, video, and so on.

This file gets split into several different and tiny parts which enable users to get it uploaded and simultaneously downloaded by other users as well. Due to a file being continuously downloaded and shared, each person can in effect know who is the next person that is sharing it which makes it very easy to apprehend P2P downloaders effortlessly. The problem would now be how to bittorrent without getting caught. In other words, is it possible to download torrents anonymously?

The answer is YES. Although you might want to make use of bittorrenting to access your favorite digital content, we can see from the above that you can get caught while doing so. But this does not have to happen. You can actually stay anonymous online and download torrents anonymously by the use of a VPN.

A VPN or virtual private network allows you to stay anonymous online and download torrents anonymously without getting detected.

What is the best VPN for Bittorrenting?

Before we look at what the best VPN for bittorrenting is, it would be necessary to first of all understand how the use of a VPN can enhance your ability to stay anonymous online and download torrents anonymously. Later, we would look at some of those that are the best VPN for bittorrenting before we finally select the VPN.

Just like I explained earlier, a VPN allows you to download torrents anonymously. This is possible because it serves as a middleman in between your device and the website you want to visit, and by so doing it masks out your browsing and data activities completely. Your internet activities also get encrypted which makes it difficult if not impossible for your activities to be tracked by anyone, not even those with whom you are bittorrenting the same file.

Reasons for using VPN

There are several reasons why you need to make use of a VPN to download torrents anonymously and/or just to stay anonymous online. Apart from just masking your identity and assisting you to break down all these restrictions on the internet, they equally protect you from hackers ‘activities which are very prevalent on P2P sharing websites. Your data and activities get encrypted by the VPN which frustrates the hacker.

Moreover, these VPNs make use of several servers which are hosted in several countries all over the world. Their servers behave like an intermediary between the rest of the internet and yourself, and their powerful antiviruses protect you from Ransomware, Malware, and Spyware.


There are many VPNs available in the market. A lot of them are free while others are not free. And among the ones you have to pay for there are equally many as well. I would advise you against going for any of the free VPN services because they are not as secure as the ones which require you to take out a subscription.

When it comes to the best VPN for bittorrenting, it would be best to stay with the best VPN service providers. These would include the following: HideMyAss VPN, Express VPN, IP Vanish VPN, PureVPN, IronSocket VPN, VPN Area, AirVPN, and BolehVPN.

All of the above VPNs are industry leaders in their respective capacities. However, when it comes to the king of the pack, none of them can compare nor compete with HideMyAss.

So, in order to be able to download torrents anonymously or just simply to stay anonymous online while making use of the internet, I would advise that you make use of a VPN. And when you want to subscribe to any VPN, make sure that your choice is HideMyAss Pro.

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