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How to Unblock YouTube Anywhere: A No muss No Fuss How To

Millions of people enjoy the World Wide Web all around the world. However, government restrictions and sanctions have enforced blocking certain websites from access in many places. YouTube, one of the most visited sites on the internet today, is blocked from many countries like Pakistan, China, Libya, Turkey and Afghanistan. Here we will look at how to unblock YouTube and YouTube Videos from anywhere in the world using three of the best and easiest solutions.

Unblock YouTube Anywhere via VPN

VPN software uses IP addresses from server countries that have no internet restrictions like the US or the UK. If you want to unblock YouTube in Pakistan, for example, using a VPN would show the YouTube server that you are accessing the site from the US or the UK. Selecting a VPN is relatively simple.

Be sure to choose one with an unrestricted broadband and fast connection speed. Some of the best VPN service providers are relatively inexpensive and offer complete anonymity allowing you to unblock sites other than YouTube. Once you have chosen the right provider for you, installation of the VPN is pretty cut and dry

  1. Set up the VPN on all of your devices. Many providers are compatible with all devices and most operating systems including Android.
  2. It may be necessary to save the setup information and restart your device or system. Doing this, as well as closing, and restarting your YouTube app ensures that the VPN connection is being used and not your GEO-IP which is, of course, restricted and blocked.
  3. Once you have reestablished connection, choose an IP address in a country that allows YouTube access.

Unblock YouTube Anywhere via Free Proxy Sites

While a VPN is a sure way to unblock YouTube videos, using a proxy site for YouTube access works wonders, especially for one-time use or a tight budget. One of the best proxy sites for YouTube is proxfree. Simply select the link you wish to unblock and copy and paste the URL into the address bar.

Click go, and your unblocked proxy allows you to watch YouTube. The drawback of using a proxy site to access YouTube is that most of the sites free proxy sites and therefore are public (shared), which means very slow connections and very little if any anonymity.

Unblock YouTube Anywhere via DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) converts domain names and host names to IP addresses and saves that information on the servers for quicker access to the sites you’ve visited. Using DNS utilizes this technology by issuing an IP address for a blocked site that points to a country that is unblocked.

Many DNS sites are free for a trial period. When the trial period is over a nominal fee would be paid to use the service. There is no software involved with a DNS. The difference with a DNS versus a Proxy is in that, a Proxy server is a onetime shot.

Each time you use a proxy server you have to reestablish the hidden IP again. With DNS, especially SmartDNS, that only needs to be done once. DNS also targets blocked content specifically. Once you have found and selected the DNS site to  use, it’s easy to set up.

One DNS provider, SmartDNS, allows either set up on a router or a single device. Choose one and just follow the picture prompts. No software downloads necessary, and they give you the IP addresses to use. With many DNS sites, you only need to do this step once unless the actual IP address changes.


You are now on your on how to unblock YouTube from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in Pakistan, Iran, China, Australia or Germany, YouTube should be accessible to anyone from anywhere. Using a VPN, Proxy Sites or even Smart DNS, are safe and effective ways to unblock restricted sites and streaming video. Knowing how to unblock sites is no longer knowledge hidden from the mass public. Neither should the sites be either. Hope this helped.

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