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How to Watch Netflix on Chromecast

For those who have tried it before, they would observe that watching Netflix on chromecast is almost impossible. This is simply because the Google Chromecast is locked.


But what is Google Chromecast and is there any way to get around watching Netflix on chromecast? The answer is yes, you can learn how to watch Netflix on chromecast. But before we delve into it, we need to have some background information.

Your television can be turned into a smart television through the use of Google Chromecast. The same thing can be accomplished through the use of Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick. The challenge is that you cannot make any major settings on Chromecast which would allow you to watch Netflix on chromecast for the simple fact that it is locked down and the way it works cannot be changed.

It can be frustrating to note that you can watch Netflix on chromecast. This is because we all know it can be used in the UK on our iPads easily enough. However, when you get your content casted from your iPad, your Chromecast directly hijacks the stream simply because it had no configuration for Netflix from the US. Google’s DNS servers are being used by the hardwired DNS settings which is why the attempt to get those settings overridden is not possible. But our plan is to make Netflix and chromecast configured to work together.

Signing Up for DNS

In any case, the problem of how to play Netflix on chromecast is because of the hard-wired settings. For most devices, signing up for Unblock-Us and other similar smart VPN services would solve the problem of how to watch Netflix on chromecast. A smart VPN service like Unblock-Us would get the traffic from your Netflix routed through its servers making it look as if the viewer is based in the US.

When you sign up for a Unblock-Us, you are expected for make sure that each device that you would want to use should have the DNS servers changed. A DNS or Domain Name Server is the internet’s address, where every smartphone, tablet, computer and any other device that is internet-enabled gets to be given names that are human-friendly, like Netflix.

Unique IP Address

They are then provided with a unique IP address which is computer friendly. These computer friendly IP addresses can be looked at as where a service like Netflix resides. By using a smart VPN service like Unblock-Us, instead of the real address of Netflix being where the DNS server would return to it gets to return to an IP address that is different for the VPN. Your traffic gets routed automatically through this VPN without the requirement of configuration nor client software.

Block Google DNS Server

So in order to solve our initial problem involving Netflix for chromecast, we would have to block out the DNS server of Google and then re-assign the VPN system’s DNS server to them. Still, another advanced method would require us to get the Google DNS servers re-routed to point to the servers of our VPN. However, this is an option that would only work for those who have knowledge of getting routers hacked. It is not for the faint of heart.

At this juncture, a note of caution is necessary. Before we commence, it is important that we all understand that the changes that would be effected here are going to be implemented network wide. This means you can easily be able to watch Netflix on chromecast from any of your devices.

The US version is what those devices would connect to. Secondly, Unblock-Us and other smart VPN services would require that your home IP address is registered with them. This would enable them know that it is actually you and not anyone else that is using their service.

It is free for a one week trial period, after which you get billed monthly for $4.99 CAD. Finally, it is not all routers which can make the changes that are going to be suggested. Take for instance, the BT Home Hub. This router is locked down extremely and would not permit any of the steps to be carried out. In such a situation the option that is available is to get you router replaced.

For connections with BT, any ADSL routers would be fine. If you have Infinity, you can plug in the router cable into the modem for OpenReach. In all scenarios, [email protected] would be the username. The password would be BT if required by the router. You can get more information on this from the BT Support Site.

While there are several methods of accomplishing our task, we are going to study the simplest and easiest method. This would involve assigning new DNS servers once we have gotten Google blocked

First Step

We would need to first block the Chromecast player from gaining access to the addresses of the Google DNS server. The fastest method of accomplishing this is by the use of a static route in our routers. These static routes are methods of informing your router how it can gain access to any IP address. We are going to force the DNS servers of Google to be looping which would stop any device in your network have access to them.

Second Step

By typing your router’s IP address into a web browser you get to search for the option for static routes. This is located in the advanced settings. After you have created a static route that is new, enter as the destination IP address, as the subnet mask, while your IP address is going to be the gateway address. If you are prompted and it is required, 2 should be inputted as the Metric. You repeat the steps but now use as the destination IP address.

Now, in order for all our devices being able to receive the DNS address of the unblocking tool which you have chosen, we would have to change our DHCP server settings of our network. For this article, we are making use of Unblock-Uswhich has as the primary DNS and as the secondary DNS. You would enter the Unblock-Us addresses above when instructed to input the new DNS addresses.

Third Step

In order to ensure that your network has been activated by your VPN service, go to the homepage of Unblock-Us through the use of a computer that is already connected to your network at home. Click on Login and insert the email address you made your registration with. An orange box should be seen on the page.

Click on the link inside it to get your new internet connection activated. In order to change your country you can utilize the Netflix Region Picker. However, for the change to be effective, you must get all of your devices rebooted. On Chromecast you would need to simply unplug the USB cable and have it plugged back in to get its power cycled.


After all this you cast Netflix to chromecast, ensuring that your devices from which you are casting Chromecast are configured to make use of the DNS servers of the VPN. In effect, what we have done is to configure Netflix to chromecast. Now, that is how to watch Netflix on chromecast.

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