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Secure Facebook Account With These Simple Tips

Facebook is the largest social media network that connects billions of users around the globe. The Facebook account on the web takes its own unique identity that users employ to connect with friends, associate and other people in their network. Due to such importance of Facebook it is extremely important for the users to take measures to ensure they have a secure Facebook account.

Being negligent in ensuring the security of the Facebook account can lead to the theft of personal data and other key information. There are some simple tips that the users can follow in order to ensure their online security. Some of the tips are discussed below.

  • Managing Ads

    Facebook primarily makes its revenue from advertising to its users that are actively connected to Facebook. As a user you interact with those ads on a daily basis and Facebook uses complex algorithms to figure out the products that you would be interested in. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the ads you see are for the products that are safe and do not contain any threat to your Facebook security.

    Facebook provides users with preference controls in the customer category to enable the users to select the ads that they want to see. Selecting the appropriate ad categories will likely lead to a secure Facebook account.

  • Control your Posts

    Each day users post thousands of photos and other related content on their walls with the intention of sharing their achievements and enjoying the great moments in life with their friends and family. These posts can be exploited by perpetrators to gain unauthorized access to your account. In order to secure your account, it is important to know how to surf safely online to ensure that you do not come in contact with web pages that may exploit the security of your account.

    It is important to place appropriate controls over the privacy of your content; Facebook provides users with multiple options that can be used to decide the level of privacy on each post. The posts that are highly private in nature should have friends only or Family only visibility so they can only be viewed by the people with whom you wish to share the post.

  • Manage your invites and Apps

    Facebook contains thousands of different games and apps that are multiplying with each passing day. Most of these apps require different levels of privacy, access and permission to post things on your page; therefore it is important to ensure a secure Facebook account by analyzing these apps before agreeing to use them. The invites and recommendations that you get from different friends should also be analyzed properly before deciding to act on the invite that you have received.

    If an individual is sending you multiple invites it is important to block that individual to ensure that the notifications and Facebook invite remain manageable by you. Blocking the app invites also ensures that you get the appropriate content in your news feed that you wish to see rather than being disturbed with app notification and high score alerts.

  • Security Tips

    There is a small list of must do a thing when it comes to the Facebook security. You should always ensure that you have checked the post review feature in the privacy settings that ensures your ability to review each post before it is shared on your page. Another feature to protect against the hacking and phishing attacks is to add friend’s assistance feature that would help you to ensure that in case the security of your account is compromised you have a backup to gain back control of your account.

People are very bad with passwords and tend to go with the most obvious choices; a survey revealed that most of the users online tend to use their personal phone numbers or some random numbers for their password that can be easily exploited to gain access to your account. Therefore, the most important aspect in having a secure Facebook account is to use a strong password that cannot be easily stolen by the hackers. You may find the following article very helpful in protecting your passwords.

All of these tips above should be employed to ensure that you have a secure and safe Facebook account that is capable of securing all your personal data and privacy. The tips discussed above are very easy to follow and can be implemented very quickly, and they contribute to better security.

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