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Protect Your Passwords with These Effective Password Managers

A password manager keeps your passwords safe without you having to try to memorize all the passwords you use. Without a password manager, you need to find a secure location to store all that information or memorize them. The former always poses a risk of someone finding the password, and the latter is not practical, particularly since you should use strong, unique passwords for each account.

Password managers offer an alternative by securely storing the passwords for every account, requiring you to only remember a single one — the one you use to access the manager. If you are searching for a password manager, consider one of these highly rated and expert-recommended options. You will notice some are free and some are paid, with varying prices.


1Password includes a convenient strong password generator and storage for passwords and usernames with secure sharing. It also has a “watchtower” service built in, so you will find out about website breaches. There is a one-time purchase instead of a subscription, like most password managers offer. However, the syncing options are somewhat limited.


Dashlane is a mildly expensive password manager, but it easily syncs across Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. It also has all the features you need for password management and even includes VPN protection, the last of which helps account for the higher price. This password manager is worth consideration if you also want to get a VPN, although you cannot choose the server country for the VPN.


The desktop version of Enpass is free. The full mobile version costs a one-time low fee, or you can use a free mobile version that only stores 20 passwords. While it handles the basics, there is no cloud-syncing within the program.

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

The reasonably priced Keeper password manager works on all your favorite browsers and platforms and includes plenty of advanced features. The only downsides are that the password updates are not fully automated and the web form filling is a bit limited. Other than that, this Keeper tool has everything you need and want.


LastPass offers both free and premium versions. You can use this password manager to import saved credentials, including passwords and usernames, from five different browsers. The free version also includes auto-fill, multiple identities, free credit monitoring, and two-factor authentication. The premium version lets you sync across devices and has extra authentication options, plus more.


RoboForm is among the oldest password managers. Although that means it has had time to perfect features, it also sometimes shows its age. There is a free version that works on a single device or an affordable paid version. RoboForm is great with form filling and works with various browsers and platforms, but it does have limited functionality. While it is effective and affordable, it is not the most user-friendly choice.

Sticky Password Premium

For a reasonably affordable price, Sticky Password Premium fulfills the requirements of a password manager. It does not have digital inheritance or other advanced features. One nice feature is the ability to choose no-cloud Wi-Fi sync, in which case passwords will never leave the home network, for added security. This password manager will sync across devices and allow for two-factor authentication.

Zoho Vault

Although not free, Zoho Vault is among the more affordable password managers. There is also a good free version available. The problem is that the Zoho Vault does not store passwords for some popular websites, including Gmail, and cannot fill out forms. Its functionality is also limited to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Even so, it is a great choice for those who just need the basics and are on a budget.


With so many passwords to remember, it is a smart idea to use a password manager to keep your accounts safe. Any of the above choices will be effective and secure.


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