TorGuard Review

Torguard is your best bet when it comes to the online experience that is the most anonymous. As regards you privacy, they offer you the best as can be testified by the Torguard reviews that are presently online. They endeavor to provide their users with the best on online safety and vpn services.

The simple fact of the matter is that nobody can trace what is nonexistent. And this is what TorGuard provides. They ensure that no timestamps or logs are kept of users online activities. This no doubt adds another level of online security for user of the services of this company based in Nevis, West Indies.

For this TorGuard review 2015 it must be noted that the company had made some major expansions to its services range by getting to add a lot of servers and providing a new Android app for OpenVPN, servers that are stealth for access to the internet from behind firewalls, tunneling with SSH, and more

Features and Pricing

Three plans of pricing are advertised by the company. For this TorGuard review, it appears that the Torrent VPN Plan is not existent. Rather there is a Bundle package for Proxy + VPN at $11.45 annually. Additionally, there is the offer of a service for secure email.

Anonymous BitTorrent Proxy


This plan which costs $5.95 monthly is definitely at the center of the company’s services. It is designed to enable users to anonymously share files with their BitTorrent client of any other program which socks5proxies supports. Web traffic is directed to a user through a connection that is anonymous to more than 40 proxy IPs in four different countries.

Guides are offered for configuration of the BitTorrent/uTorrent clients and Vuse in addition to the most well known browsers, Skype and iOS devices. Alternatively, a preconfigured Deluge BitTorrent client can be downloaded.

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Anonymous Email


TorGuard equally offers an email service that is free and which is anonymous with offshore email storage and a web based G/PGP encryption which is secure. The service which is basic comes with a storage of 10MB and is free. Also users can sign up for $5.33 per month with billing quarterly, or $4.16 per month with billing annually.

When you give this service a try as most TorGuard vpn reviews have done, you would observe that it is working well. It provides a secure and convenient method of receiving and sending email that is encrypted.

Anonymous VPN


Since the initial TorGuard review there has been some expansion to their services. They now have servers located in 19 countries including Australia, Far East, and Turkey. The ways to connect to their servers include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols.

For places like Iran and China which are censored heavily, TorGuard provides special stealth servers in addition to SSH tunneling. These two services are free of charge. Additionally, TorGuard allows users to simultaneously connect to five devices. In addition, a 30 day guarantee period is provided. This is the longest for most VPN providers.

Customer service of TorGuard

In order to get the best from TorGuard you would need to register on their website. They have comprehensive guides for setup as well as a forum that is knowledge-based. Another thing that a new user of TorGuard would like is the status information of the server. This is boldly displayed on the website.

There is customer service available through both a ticket system and a Live Chat.

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Security and Privacy

The company has a privacy policy which is excellent. They retain no logs on traffic nor download. Although they keep billing information, anonymous payments can be effected through the use of bitcoins.

The procedures involved

When it comes to the process and procedures of using this VPN this TorGuard review would focus on the signing up, and the clients as well.

Signing up process

This is simple enough. They accept all forms of payments like Paypal, credit cards, and bitcoins. On purchase of their service, a number of emails would be sent to you which would explain the process to use their services.

The windows client

A choice between Viscosity and its own TorGuard lite client is offered by the firm.

Other platforms


The client is available for Linux, OSX, and Windows while Viscosity is available on OSX and Windows. There is a provision of manual guides for the protocols which are different in Boxee, DD=WRT, Android, iOS, OSX, Ubuntu, and Windows.

Stealth servers


TorGuard provides a connection that is stealth. They accomplish this through the use of obfsproxy for OpenVPN which cannot be filtered by firewalls that exist in Iran or China.


Any first time user of TorGuard would be impressed that it performs well when it has to do with basic services expected from a vpn. There is also a lot of value delivered in its offerings and the pricing as well. TorGuard should be used by other users and their experiences documented.

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